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We just want you to do well.

Driven to build a sense of community whether it be local or cultural, we simply aim to help our patrons succeed. We are eager to jump on board, learn who you are, and determine the best way to do just that.

“Work hard, and don't be sh*tty.”

Matt BrennanDesigner, Fairwell Co.

Things that power us through every week.


Liquid Deaths


Cups of Coffee


Breakfast Burritos


Hours of Music

Our background.

Zac began delving into the business world by assisting a local cafe with all aspects of what it takes to run a business. Startup, hiring, payroll, and creative thinking are all skills that he brings to the table when it comes to his clientele.

Matt was freelancing as a designer/illustrator before working at the same cafe as Zac. He took the reins of the cafe’s brand and expanded its look with merchandising, web presence, and social media/marketing.

Together they share interests in being outdoors, listening to music too loud, overpriced spirits, and quality handmade goods and garments. These interests set the stage for them to jump off and start the Fairwell Collective.

Ready to get started?